Transferring iPod library without losing play count

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    I have a 4th generation Nano. For the longest time I've been manually managing music on it. I was wondering how I could reproduce the entire library on it and still keep my play count data in particular. The only way that I currently know to reproduce the library is by doing this:

    Computer > iPod > iPod Control > Music (I'm running Windows 7)

    However, the above is just inefficient and inconvenient. Not only do a lot of tracks have random characters, but I also lose that play count and that's the most important thing to me.

    Is there a way I can replicate this library on another device (whether it be another computer, my iPhone, etc) without losing those statistics?

    After making a copy of my nano's manual library, I want to move it to iTune's main library (assuming the play count and all other data is in tact). This way, I want to change my nano from manual to automatic.

    Thank you.
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