Transferring Music From Iphone4s to Itunes

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    Dec 7, 2014
    I have a lot of songs in my iphone 4s. I also have downloaded a lot of songs on my laptop and thus made it into mp3 and have it on computer. Had downloaded it from youtube then youtube to mp3 etc.

    Well i want to transfer all those songs from my computer to my iphone. I see i can do this by clicking sync all songs to my iphone4s... issue with this is it says it will erase all songs in my iphone. First off, this is only songs and not pictures rights? Or its songs and any music videos?

    I want to be able to transfer these songs from iphone 4s to my laptop. Then transfer these songs and my current ones on laptop to my iphone. Can i do this or i cannot? Note all these songs on iphone 4s were from downloading via youtube then turning each one into mp3.

    Can someone give me specific steps on how to do this?

    Or i cannot do this b/c i didn't pay for any of these songs on my iphone 4s and will have to download each song all over and do the video to mp3 thing each time.
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    Easy to do with third party software: iExplorer ($39.99) or iMazing ($34.99). Someone may know of another way that's free but I know both of those apps work great.

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