Transferring photos to a drive?

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    Hi all,

    I'm going on a backpacking trip without my laptop, just my iphone 5s for photos. I'm pretty snap-happy, so I'm a little worried about running out of space on my phone. I can't guarantee that I'll have enough wifi access during the trip to sync up and store my photos online, so I'm hoping to take some sort of storage device with me. Is there anything out there that I can plug straight into my iPhone and transfer over photos? Or maybe even with airdrop/bluetooth?

    Thanks in advance!
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    iOS 8 has newer security. which means you can't simply browse the phone's dcim folder without a copy of iTunes installed. I'm worried you can write to the Lacie drive, but the Lacie drive won't be able to read it. i tested that samsung smart switch thing and was impressed it was able to access DCIM.

    i havent tried it on iOS 9, but the rule of thumb with iOS 8 was that if you have a windows machine and you can see a DCIM photos folder on windows explorer , it meant you had iTunes installed
    and iTunes was responsible for telling windows how to open the folder

    is it possible you can bring a laptop with you? i think this the best choice. and i think its a good compromise

    ways to put photos up

    iCloud photo library / photo stream
    photo stream is limited to 1000 pictures. for free. anything more you want iCloud photo library and you have to pay for the space

    sms/mms/imesssage pics to people to keep. you don't want to do this because it will reduce the quality of the picture to send it

    facebook , you don't want to do this because it will reduce the quality of the picture to send it and strip gps coordinates

    email . this allows pictures to be sent at full resolution with gps coordinates intact

    yeah. bring a laptop to sync your pictures.
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. Looks like I might have use iCloud for the first 1000 and hope I don't run out of storage and can find the wifi, hahah.

    I would love to bring a laptop but am traveling very light and through poor countries with poor security. I would be so afraid of it being stolen, but also would not want to take it with me on jungle treks and the like. So unfortunately the pricy macbook stays home.

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