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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Joe91, Sep 24, 2014.

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    G'day all,

    I had about 3,000 videos & photos on my iPhone 5 - got the iPhone 6 on release day but haven't figured out how to get these over. The amount of content exceeds my iCloud storage, but I have a MacBook Pro with ample space.

    In my iPhoto on the laptop, it has in it every photo & video from my old phone, with the exception of about 6 months worth of content - even though I regularly backed up my phone to the laptop, iPhoto doesn't reflect the additions.

    Based on this, what is the best way to transfer all my photos and videos to my new phone, including the ones missing in iPhoto?

    Appreciate any advice with this.

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    You have several approaches.

    1) Backup your old iPhone to iTunes on the MacBook, and then restore from that backup onto the new iPhone. This will, among other things, transfer the entire contents of the old iPhone's Camera Roll

    2) Transfer the last 3 months of photos that are on the old iPhone into iPhoto. Then, create Albums in iPhoto containing all the photos that you wish to have on the new iPhone, and sync those Albums onto the new iPhone

    3) Wait for Yosemite, and put all the photos that are in iPhoto up into iCloud Photo Library. You'll then have access to the photos wherever you can log into your iCloud account.

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