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    I am accustomed to using software that came with my PC to transfer photos. Worked fine for my 4s.

    Now I have a 6+, and I see that the folders for photos have changed their names. My software (HP Photosmart Essentials) will no longer download photos (will sometimes, other times it won't--with a given group of photos it will not download them, while with another group, taken on different dates from the first, it will).

    I need to offload my photos to my hard drive. I don't know how to do it using iTunes. I'm a DOS sort of guy so it isn't obvious to me what to do.

    What can I do?

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    Personally I just do it the hard way and drag all those folders into my hard drive. Then I copy all the pictures in each folder and paste them into one big folder.

    The tricky part is wanting to keep some photos on your phone, and knowing what you've copied or not from the previous session. I just copy everything again and click "do not replace" if there are files with duplicate names.

    I fear the day I take so many pictures that the filename counter resets...
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    Are you on Windows or Mac OS?
    • Windows - plug your phone via USB and you'll be able to transfer your photos that way. No HP or other software required
    • Mac OS - the easiest way I've used is via the Photo app. Plug your phone via USB, open Photos, then Import

    Easy! Good luck!
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    I use the standard OS X app 'Image Capture' to transfer photos/videos directly to folders when I don't want them in iPhoto/Photos.

    Also you can sort by size or date and get rid of the biggest files first.
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