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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by rspeaker, Nov 9, 2013.

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    I've gotten to a point where iOS meets 95% of my needs, and I'm happy to get rid of my MacBook Air - best computer I've ever owned, but aside from iTunes and iPhoto, I don't use it much. I have synced all my documents with GoodReader, and use Pages and Numbers regularly, and that works just fine for me.

    Trouble is with photos. I'd like to put the full-resolution photos on my Mac into the Camera Roll, so I could easily transfer back to a Mac if I need or want to later. iTunes can transfer the photos into the Photos app, but they are lower-resolution, and can't be transferred off the iPad later.

    I tried an app called Photo Transfer App, but it can only transfer 200 pictures at a time, and it regularly crashed (even with quitting all apps and restarting both iPad and MBA multiple times). I gave up after about six hours, in which time only 1000 of my 2500 pictures were transferred, when it repeatedly crashed on a few JPEGs I took with a 3GS.

    Is there an easier way to get full-resolution pictures into the Camera Roll? Thanks!
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    Think photoSync can do this (paid App Store also look at but not sure. ONLY 100% way I remotely know that puts photos onto Camera Roll is restore from backup (pointless for you here). Any other way adds a folder
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    Yes, it's really dumb that iTunes doesn't sync full res photos. I use iTools to put them in new albums. I just drag a folder containing photos and videos from my computer into it's sync window. The only issues I've had with it are the sort order in which it loads photos and iOS doesn't read the gps coordinates of these synced photos correctly.

    It never seemed to sort them by filename. I had to change the file date of all the files on my computer to get them to sort in the order I wanted, newest at the top.

    iOS seems to drop the minus sign from the GPS coordinates. For example, I'm currently near 33 North, 117 West which is stored in the exif data of a JPEG as 33, -117. This is in Riverside, California, USA. From the photos synced through iTools, iOS reads this as 33, 117 and thinks my photos were taken at 33 North, 117 East in Anhui, China
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    If you:

    1. Upload pictures from the Mac to PhotoStream
    2. Copy them to iPhone's camera roll
    3. Download / sync them back to a Mac

    Are they still full res? They will not show as full res in PhotoStream (nor on the phone IIRC).
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    PhotoSync works, and works pretty darn well. The helper app on my Mac crashed a few times when I was dragging stuff to it, but after I went to File-->Open, everything was fine.

    For some reason, my screenshots and videos transferred with the current date and time. I need to find a way to edit the metadata on my Mac to correct that, re-transfer them to my iPad, and then I'm in business.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
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