Transferring songs from different laptops to iPhone

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  1. MohammedAbdal macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2011
    Hi. So basically the story is:
    When I first got my iPhone, I hooked it up to my sister's laptop and registered it and everything. But now that I bought my own laptop (MacBook Pro), I can only seem to put songs on my iPhone from my sister's laptop. I have checked the box under the summary tab on the iPhone menu which says "Manage songs and videos manually" or something similar to that, but I still can't seem to put songs on my iPhone from my own laptop.

    Now my question is:
    Does anyone know how, if possible, to put songs on the iPod app from my laptop rather than having always to put songs on from my sister's laptop?

    If not that, then does anyone know of any software that I can download on my Mac which would allow me to do so?

    Please note: I have used an iPhone app from my iPhone called MyMedia which allows me to download songs from the internet directly onto my iPhone; but it's not that convenient and it downloads songs onto the app itself and plays it from a built in media player.

    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    Oct 5, 2003
    Dark Castle
    You have to activate the same iTunes account in your new computer. You can use the same iTunes account in up to 5 computers.

    There are some software out there like:
  3. MohammedAbdal thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 9, 2011
    Would i have to use the same account that i activated my iphone with? or can i use my own account?

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