Transferring Templates from Office 2004 to 2008

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    I recently picked up Office 2008 while Amazon was running a deal. I currently have and use Office 2004 and have created a number of Templates, mostly in Word, that help my workflow.

    Once I install Office 2008, is there any way to "transfer" my Templates from one version to the other or do I have to open the doc with Office 2004 and then save it as a template in 2008?

    Surprisingly I couldn't find a thread on this. Thanks.
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    Feb 18, 2010
    Transferring Templates from Office 2004 to 2008

    Your templates should automatically migrate in the upgrade of Microsoft Office 2004 into Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Templates bear extension “.dotm” or “.dotx” and the default template name is “Normal.dotm” or “Normal.dotx”. Templates are stored in, "library> application support> Microsoft>Office> User Templates > my templates”. This storage methodology appears to differ from the prior implementation in MS Word 2004.

    User accessible element of Templates consist of "auto text", "styles" & toolbars. If your template is behaving properly, you can use the "Organizer" to access these three elements and transfer them from old templates (v.2004) into the new 2008 "Normal" template. If you have not saved the old templates, you may be able to use an older document & transfers some of the elements using “Organizer”.

    Unfortunately, my templates are not behaving properly and, as this is the only response to the one posting on this issue in the forum, it appears my solution will not be found here.
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    I recommend posting to the Word:Mac forums. Lots of Word experts hang out there and will probably be able to help you out with template issues.


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