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Mar 8, 2005
is a state of mind.
Any suggestions on the best way to transition to a new Powerbook? I've been using a 800MHz model for ~4 years, but there is a new 1.67GHz 15" on its way!!! :) :D :)

I would like to start "clean" with the new system. Am I best off doing a fresh install of any applications and then transferring over my user data via firewire? Is there anything outside my user directory that I should keep track of? I think Apple provides software for loading your old computer's data onto the new computer via firewire. Is this worth using? Thoughts?


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Use Apple's set up assistant which will basically carry over your User folder and Apps for you (a little like when you Archive and Restore) - just follow the instructions when you first boot up the new Mac and have a FW cable handy.

Although I haven't used it, a friend used it setting up from her TiBook to a new 12" PB and declared it immensely useful.


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Jan 23, 2005
iB to pB

I had a similar situation... although it was from in iBook to a powerBook.

All I did was get a FireWire, and connected it to my iB (powered up) then pB (off). Turn on pB, and hold down the T button.

After, you can start drag & droppin'.

That's it! :D


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virividox said:
you dont have to start off clean if you dont want to

you can just use bombich carbon copy if you want and just make a image of ur current drive and load that up on your new laptop
Not sure I'd advise restoring from a copy to a new machine from one 4 years old. The drivers for the trackpad alone are different - who knows what might happen (although I guess you could always reinstall from the restore DVD) Apple's setup assistant is designed for people who want to move their apps, files and prefs over without potentially screwing up the system. Just copying over your 'Home' file may also lead to some discrepancies in file permissions too.


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Jul 17, 2004
Use the setup assistant. That's all there is to it.
OS X will be clean and dandy for you!
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