transition from Parallels to VMWare Fusion (via Bootcamp)


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Apr 21, 2005
I've been running Parallels for a while (using my Bootcamp partition) and am reasonably happy with it, but I wouldn't mind giving VMWare Fusion a go.

I am unsure about how to make the transition. If I delete Parallels, will my Bootcamp partition remain unaffected? Is it then just a matter of installing VMWare? Or is there more to it?



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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
VMware and Parallels should be able to coexist on the same computer. I do not use Parallels but I don't see any issues with them using the same Boot Camp volume. After all, they won't be using it at the same time.


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Sep 10, 2003
I would be hesitant to do that and would urge you to check the forums at Parallels and/or VMWare.

I have since nuked my BootCamp partition and use only VMWare, but I believe both Parallels and VMWare have you install a utility on the BootCamp side to aid in running the BootCamp installation in a virtualized environment. That could be a conflict if you have both the Parallels and VMWare tools installed. Also, my understanding is that the emulated hardware is different enough between Parallels and VMWare to cause Windows to want to be re-activated (for those who switched from Parallels to VMWare).


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Jul 12, 2007
I have run both programs at the same time (well, not actually the same time, but they were installed at the same time, and I switched back and forth between them). You should have no issues. Personally I like VMware partly because of its cost being only $40 right now.