Transition to new MacBook, is it hassle free?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lympero, Mar 30, 2018.

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    I have a 2015 13” mbp which I’m using for software development. Lately I have started working with React-Native and I’m getting really sluggish performance with debugger + emulators etc so I’m thinking of buying a 15” 2017 mbp.
    My problem is that because I’m working with 3 projects at the moment, I want to keep my exact setup. Let’s say that I transfer my old ssd to my new mbp with target-disk mode, does that mean that I can immediately start working on my new machine, or I’ll have to install/register programs, recreate bash config files, install global dependencies etc etc etc?

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    Migration Assistant should be able to handle the transfer of your applications, account data, and files.

    Be sure to try the new keyboard and see if it's right for you if that's how you primarily code on your MBP.
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    Basically, it should work like that. But both machines are not much different performance wise, so you should first itry to dentify your slowdowns, to avoid inheriting those likely problems. React Native had severe problems running under OSX High Sierra recently.

    I f you run the 2015 machine on OSX High Sierra (10.13.ff). If not, the new machine will only allow 10.13.ff to be installed, which breaks your planned simple "cloning" of the drive.
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    I WOULD NOT buy a 2017 MacBook Pro due to the high incidence of keyboard failures.

    A 2015 MBP is "not that old".
    I suggest you wait until the 2018 MBP's are introduced.
    This should be in mid-late summer, perhaps July or August (maybe sooner).
  5. jerryk, Mar 31, 2018
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    Before you upgrade, do you know if this upgrade will fix your issues?

    Does it look like the IDE is crushing the CPU when doing development? If so, what are the readings from Activity Monitor.

    If you are running on the simulator it may be slow no matter what system you choose

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