translating a makefile to xcode build settings

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by debug, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Hello there-

    I've been fiddling around learning c++ in my spare time and writing plugins for nuke (the comp package) however writing the code in textmate and then switching to the terminal and running make is becoming tiresome so i've been trying to translate the makefile into the xcode build settings, ive got it compiling and linking however when i go to use the plug-in it causes a crash in the software any ideas what i could be doing wrong? here are screenshots of my build settings from xcode and a screenshot of the makefile

    it might help to know that the dylib that xcode creates is 88k and the dylib that the makefile creates is 64k.


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    Just create an Xcode project that uses 'make' to build your program using the existing makefile.

    In the list of Xcode templates for a New Project, click Other, then choose External Build System.

    Open the target and you'll see the Custom Build Command is /usr/bin/make.

    Now move your makefile and source into place.

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