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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Kashchei, Apr 19, 2007.

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    I teach at a university and I have been videotaping and uploading my lectures to my own website until iTunes U hits my school. This attracted the attention of the Apple people on campus, and today I got a very nice visit from two Apple reps for my state. Here's my question: what do Apple reps mean when they ask "What can we do for you?" I'd like to have said "give me a pre-release version of Leopard" or better yet "how about letting me work faster with a new MacBook Pro." Instead, I just asked for them to keep me up to date on software and hardware releases (something I'll do on my own anyway). So how badly do you think I blew this opportunity?
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    Well here- about two years ago our lab bought an X-serve, X-RAID, and a G5 2.5 with a 20" monitor. They asked my boss exactly that question- "what else can we do for you." He answered that his wish list included bumping the 20" ACD to a 30", and a new powerbook. Done- he had them within a week.
    Universities have large pockets, and Apple knows that. We spent some $27,000 on our stuff, and there are perks to kissing up to us, to say the least. :p

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