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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by kmj2318, Sep 28, 2014.

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    The time indictors on the left and right now reflect the wallpaper color in iOS 8. Here's what it looks like with one of the new black iOS 8 wallpapers. It's very hard to see indoors, and completely invisible outside. Also, the album and artist line has been dimmed, and is harder to read too.


    Here's another example on iOS8. You can see the time is tinted blue like the wallpaper in iOS 8. It looks fine here, but it's really bad on a vibrant wallpaper; they stand out way too much. So depending on the wallpaper, the text is nearly impossible to read, or too prominent.


    Now here is iOS 7. I don't understand the change to having one item of text be tinted. It looks out of place. iOS 7 looks like a more cohesive design.


    Here's an instance where I pulled NC overtop an app with a dark theme. The X on the right side is virtually invisible because it takes up the appearance of the black behind it.


    I know that there's the option to remove the translucency, but I don't think I should have to do that just to fix these examples. I think maybe there should be some sort of minimum delta that the text can't go below to keep it light enough in these situations. Also, Yosemite handles NC overtop of a black bg better.

    Has anyone else noticed these things?
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    D'you really think that a lot of people will notice this? These changes are almost insignificant.
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    It does make it hard to see.... which is an issue. But I've lived with it and haven't run into any issues so I suppose its not such a big deal, perhaps Apple will do some slight design changes with iOS 8.1 such as with iOS 7.1??
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    I noticed it immediately (not being able to read the phone is obvious) I just don't complain about it because it doesn't make a difference.

    Struggling to read the Artist of a song while driving is frustrating. For safeties sake I just take a screen shot and reference it when I arrive at my destination now.

    A change for the sake of change generally results in a downgrade.

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