Transmission slow/stop my connection on Yosemite

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by umbilical, Jan 31, 2015.

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    hi, I use transmission without any problem on mavericks... I running transmission torrents and surf on the web without any problem, but now I install Yosemite (a fresh install) and I open transmission torrrents start to run but STOP my surf over chrome... all pages down, transmission take all my connection even that I limit to the half! :eek:

    any help? any settings that I need? 2015-01-31 14.50.25.png?dl=0 2015-01-31 14.50.12.png?dl=0 2015-01-31 14.50.12.png?dl=0

    any help? thanks
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    None of your Dropbox links work.

    Check your Transmission/Preferences/Bandwidth settings
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    I second the suggestion to check your settings. This is doubly true if you use DSL. Make sure to limit your total upload (as opposed to individual torrent upload) to about 30% of your connection's total upload capacity. Otherwise, your upload will dramatically slash into your total download capacity, and slow down your entire connection. I can't speak for cable connections.

    If a torrent has a lot of activity going on then it's possible that it'll noticeably slow down the rest of your internet. Capping your download speed is probably the first thing you should try. It sounds like you've done that; if your router is a cheaper variety (particular if you're using a modem-router supplied by your ISP), then decrease the total number of peers that Transmission connects to, as well.

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