Transmission users (BiT) please answer here...


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Sep 6, 2005
.. So i'm trying to configure Transmission, (i'm down with my windows PC).

In windows i used BitTornado --> it gave me the option to select ports and showed me a colored circle indicating if everything was set up properly.

Now i don't need the circle to tell me if i am set up correctly, however it would be nice, because i'll just be able to tell under the download rate.

Anyways, Mac Bit Torrent users using TRANSMISSION: so under transmission/prefrences/network, do i type the "range of ports i would like to use"? example "9900-9904"?? bc it is only one block?

Secondly, all i have to configure on my Mac is "Firewall" under SYST PREF.? correct? And same, do i just type in the range of the ports i would like to use under the "TCP port numbers" seperated by a "-" sign? :confused: :)


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Nov 9, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
Transmission is a lightweight client. It doesn't have a lot of configuration options (exactly why I like it). You should open the proper port(s) on your Firewall, but other than that, there's not much to configure. If you're looking for a more configurable, full-featured client, try Azureus. It has the green light that you mentioned too. The disadvantage to Azureus is that it's a lot "heavier". It uses more system resources. I used it for a long time, and it does work well.


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Jul 20, 2006
transmission doesn't listen to a range of port at a time, it only listen to 1, so you can only put one in there...
as to firewall, i think "-" is what you need to specify a range, but you better check the help file to make sure


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Feb 27, 2004
Enter the port number you want to use in the Transmission preferences (just one number).

I'm not sure about the firewall setup, since I don't use a firewall... I use a D-Link wireless router, and all you have to do with that is set up port forwarding for the same port number you entered into Transmission.