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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by thugpoet22, Jan 23, 2007.

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    I might have to reinstall mac os x on my macbook but im worried about loosing my entire itunes library which is about 3000 songs. Currently on the second computer which is a pc has the same exact songs as the macbook. I was hoping that after reinstalling mac os x i would be able to plug my macbook to my computer and then transfer all the songs over or maybe do using my wifi. I hope this is possible if its not i might have to find some other way to do it or at the worst i will have to import all the cd's all over again which could take hours if not days lol. If anybody has any suggest please post thanks.
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    iTunes can backup your entire library to DVD('s), and then you can restore it. I did somewhat the same moving mine from Windows to my mac-mini. I had about 2300 songs, and if I am remembering correctly it only used 2 dvd's.
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    Enable disk use for you ipod and drag the actual song files from you itunes library into the ipod this will save the files and allow for you to copy them back on if they are lost
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    I did this very thing last night moving my entire itunes library from desktop PC to MacBook.

    As oceanmonster sayd, the best way I found is to enable iPod for disk use and copy the iTunes folder (not the music library or individual folders) to the iPod, connect to new computer and drag and drop into the new comp.

    Apples instructions here -

    It's easy, but takes time to copy large amounts of data

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