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  1. Chaser7 macrumors newbie

    Apr 2, 2008
    Hey guys,

    So I am about to embark on a 3 week trip to Israel, Egypt and Paris. I want to bring my iphone with me, but I'm a little confused about the roaming charges and such. First off, do I want to turn off the data roaming option or turn it on in the network settings on my iphone? Which one will turn off the edge network, so that I don't get a huge amount of roaming charges? Then if I do turn off the Edge network, can I still check the web, when I'm connected via WIFI? Or does it turn off the entire internet portion? Also, how does international calling work? If I'm calling someone else who has an international phone, Do I just dial their number with their country code and stuff? How do they reach me? Do they have to dial the USA's country code and then my number (including area code obviously)?
    Thanks alot
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    turn off the data roaming in the menu, the charges are extortionate. My advice to you would be to use as little of safari and anything else internet based as possible.

    If you turn it off you will avoid most of the roaming charges. You can still use safari etc but make sure it is still switched off after you have used it.

    For calling here is some info:
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    Apr 2, 2008
    When turning the data roaming off, can oyu still use the internet on wifi for free? Or are you then charged?

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    int'l roaming

    you should buy the ATT international data plan for iPhone, as Israel was just added to the list. You get 50MB for $59.99. Should work in France and Egypt, but be sure to check.
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    May 27, 2008
    I just traveled to Canada a couple weeks ago

    turning data roaming off, will deactivate edge, wi-fi will still work. just like normal. the only difference is no internet (mail, web, stocks or weather) when not connected to wi-fi.

    Visual voice mail requires edge to work, so you won't have that either.

    make sure you call and activate international roaming with at&t before you go.
    They will try to sell you the "world traveler" plan that for a monthly fee gives you cheaper per-minute rates. if this is a one time only trip, probably you don't need this unless you are planning on talking a lot.

    Below are per minute charges. You will be charged 1 minute if the phone rings, even if you don't answer.

    Israel - 2.49
    Egypt - 2.49
    France - 1.29

    SMS - .50 to send, receive no extra charge over your plan

    you can put the phone in "airplane mode" if you want to use the iPod functions, and don't want to worry about somone calling you and charging.

    I've also read that once your phone activates on a foreign network, even if you have the phone off, it will still charge you for a connect. This will end once you re-connect to the cell network in the US. Check with AT&T for details about this one.

    they do offer iphone data roaming plans, although they are a monthly thing, I'm not sure how AT&T handles them if you only want to use for one month
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    Just want to clarify

    Just want to double check here.

    I'm going to be in mexico next week. Under the Network settings Data Roaming is turned to off. When I turn my phone back on in the hotel (it has wi-fi), does this mean it will only look to wi-fi to update mail and such?

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