Travelling internationally, can I unlock my iPhone and then relock it?

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    I am going to Europe and I wanted to bring my iPhone along, rather than purchase another phone. AT&T's international plan is .99 a minute and that is just crazy. IF I unlock it, can I just buy a sim card there and pop it in? The minutes are much much less through local carriers there. THen, can I relock the phone so I can get all the updates and such through Apple?
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    i'm in the same boat. i want to know what to do. i'm abroad for 2 months which is a lot of money if i stay with AT&T. i have a vodafone sim from the UK. my iPhone was bought in september... i have no idea how to unlock and what to do i'm so scared i'm going to brick it.
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    So, did you guys figure out if this was doable or not? I'm heading abroad in a little over a month, but hope to have an iPhone before then... wondering if it's worth bringing it along.
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    Yes you can if it isn't a OTB 1.1.2 iPhone.
    Check here for ways to do it:

    As an alternative to the $.99/min romaing charges check on AT&T international plans that reduce the fee to $.59/min (not a big one but its around 40% that you'll save, if it's like the plan for Mexico I am using)

    To return your iPhone to an unlocked state you'll just need to do a restore with iTunes (do a good backup before doing that).
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