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    “Trick or Treat !” In a Halloween night, ghosts come out and sneak your candies! Come on! Take up your bat to hit the ghost and protect your candies. If you miss hitting one ghost, it will run away with one candy. You need to do your best to protect your candies and make sure that before the end of the game you still have candies left. Each time you hit and chase away one ghost you will win 10 gold coins and when the number of coins have been made you can go to store to buy yourself better arms. One reminding, you should not hit the pumpkin lantern, or you will lose 5 candies. A tombstone will be appearing some times. Hit it and you will get a surprise. Hey man, look! Here comes the ghost, what are you waiting for? Take your arms!

    Bat: it is a weapon used to hit ghosts, however when you meet a ghost with bucket, you should hit it twice before you could drive it off. Axe: The best weapon against ghost with bucket is axe with which you can drive the ghost off with only one hit. Want: It is another weapon with which you can win double gold coins. Cross: The ultimate weapon with which you could not only drive the ghost with bucket with one hit, but also double your gold coins you win. Candies: when your have no many candies left, you can buy yourself candies with your gold coins. How many candies you could buy depends on how many coins you have.

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