Tried everything, can't make handoff work


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Oct 9, 2010
I'm not sure if an iCloud account is needed but I created one anyway. Trying to test this using

•OK so I'm signed into iCloud on iPod touch 5th gen, and rMBP mid 2013.

•Next I have bluetooth on on both devices.

•I have notes ticked in iCloud on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

•Handoff is enabled on the iPod in General > Handoff

•Handoff is enabled on Mac System Prefs > Allow Handoff between Mac and your iCloud devices.

•My iOS device is right next to the Macbook

*OK I think that's about everything checked off. So handoff should be good to go.

My Macbook is awake and I have opened the Notes app on the iPod started a note and there is no handoff icon on my dock. Even if I open the Notes app on the Mac, still iOS is not handing it off.

What am I doing wrong. What more can I do? I've been at this all friggen day, I've read dozens of instructions on the interweb including Apple. But still I get nothing.


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Aug 22, 2014
Wifi has to be turned on, on both devices too.

If it still doesn't work and you did everything you listed - you're hardware or your installation is broken.


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Mar 17, 2013
Utah, USA
I didn't know handoff worked with Notes, but I just tried it with my iPhone 6+ and iPad Air and it worked perfectly. Have you tried signing out of iCloud and signing back in? That worked on my rMBP after installing Yosemite public release. works like a charm now on both my macs, iPad, and iPhone.


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Oct 9, 2010
Yep wifi is on as well.

This morning I did see a handoff icon briefly on the mail app.

OK all that is left to try is signing out and in again. If that doesn't work I'll try to trash some cache and pref files. BBL.


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Dec 30, 2009
Wifi only? What if your Mac is connected via Ethernet?
My iMac is hardwired with CAT6 with WiFi disabled and everything works fine for me. I can Handoff from my 6+ or iPadAir and make and receive phone calls. I'd say 1 out of 5 phones calls I can't answer from the Mac because there seems to sometimes be a delay from when the phone starts ringing until the Mac does, I'll click to answer but it misses the call.

I'll also note that I'm using iOS8.1b2 and OS X 10.10 Final GM.


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Oct 9, 2010
Woo freakin' hoo. I signed out on both accounts and did the whole signing in drama verification process and it's all working now.

Not without a little tyre kicking though. Notes worked ok then I tried handing off an email to the mac, but it would not work, then I tried handing off an email from the mac to the ipod and that worked then and only then did it work in reverse. Now it all seems good.

I've got a strong wifi signal and a relatively fast internet 12mbits, so it does seem a little bit sensitive so I hope this thread is useful to others as I can see it could be a bit puzzling.

All good now, for the moment anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Jun 15, 2012
There are many many posts about this, so I will submit the fix that worked for me in several threads in the hope that it helps people:

I was struggling yesterday, and was having very mixed results ranging from handoff not working at all to it working on my iPhone only. I found an article offering a suggested fix, and it worked for me.

It appears to me that the "missing link" is the FaceTime setup (this was the only article I found that referenced FaceTime settings).

In my case, I had to sign into FaceTime using my AppleID (which I believe was set in the past, possibly disconnected at some point). Anyhow, it does make sense that this would be a potential gap in Handoff functioning, and it corrected my issue immediately.

Good luck...this is clearly not an example of "it just works".

The full article can be found at:

Step-1: Open the Settings app on your device running iOS 8

Step-2: Click General

Step-3: Click Handoff & Suggested Apps

Step-4: Turn Handoff option Off and turn it On again

Step-5: Tap General at the top of return to the previous menu

Step-6: Tap Settings at the top of return to the previous menu

Step-7: Tap FaceTime

Step-8: Put the iPhone Cellular Calls option Off and then put it back On again

Step-9: Once the action is completed, reboot the iPhone or the iPad