Trim Enabler from Hell

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by kcrossley, Oct 14, 2015.

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    I just spent the better part of today troubleshooting my MacBook Pro 9,1 after a reboot triggered the gray screen of death (circle with a cross through it). I finally discovered that the ordeal I experienced was the handiwork of Trim Enabler. Apparently, my MacBook Pro triggered an automatic Yosemite update, which conflicted with the version of Trim Enabler that was installed on my system. That meant I got to spend most of today training as an Apple Tech—which was a very frustrating and scary ordeal. Especially when I thought I had lost all of my data.

    Thankfully, with the assistance of a very helpful and knowledgable Senior Apple Technical Support Advisor named Travis, I was able to install El Capitan and restore all of my data. Now, I'm trying to figure out whether I should 1) uninstall Trim Enabler 3.4.2, promptly discard it in the Apple trashcan making sure to set it ablaze, and then run Apple's built-in Trimforce command or 2) upgrade to Disk Sensei. And yes, option two does indeed suggest that I must be masochist to let Trim Enabler or any of it's sister apps near my Mac now or in the future.

    I would appreciate any help from the experts here to decide on which course of action to take.

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    What did you used trim enabler for? Enabling trim on non-Apple SSDs? If so, just use the trimforce command in terminal and your good to go. You would have to be at least in 10.10.4 for it to work but it's something.
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    What version of Yosemite did you update from? If it was earlier than 10.10.4, than yes, you had a BIG Problem. One that's been spelled out in this forum a number of times, and one that's explained fully at the TRIM Enabler website.

    OS 10.10.4 and above have no problem. Apple changed their enabling scheme for TRIM (in OS 10.10.4 and above) and TRIM Enabler 3.4 and above observes it.

    Since I paid for it, I use Disk Sensei, not to enable TRIM, but just as a utility. I enabled TRIM with the trimforce command in Terminal. I enabled it in Yosemite 10.10.4, and in subsequent OS updates, TRIM has stayed enabled.

    And Yes, Trim Enabler is safe to use in El Cap, but I would enable TRIM with the trimforce command.

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    As the above poster has mentioned all the information required was available to you. In future you might want to stay away from apps that alter your Mac at a low level if it's not something you can keep on top of.

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