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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by bripab007, Jan 21, 2016.

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    I just wanted to give a quickie review/shout out to a leather products company I stumbled across while searching for something markedly better than the $15-30 "leather" junk n Amazon. I had originally purchase a ~$30 leather band from one of the many companies littering Amazon, and was pretty displeased. That band only came in one length, which was really too short for my wrist, and the lugs only came in stainless steel which didn't match my space grey watch.

    So I happened across a bunch of boutique leather shops on Etsy, many of them stationed in the U.S. Many of those sell really quite nice, highly-customizable leather bands for ~$100. Then I found TRIMleather (, which have a bit less customization but for a lower, ~$60 price point. For that price, the leather is quite thick and nice quality, the stitching is nice and not shouty, you choose the color of the lugs and length of the band. My medium length choice fits perfectly, with plenty band to wrap around. I would say the band feels more than twice as nice as the $30 Amazon items.

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    Very nice design. Which color did you chose? also it looks different from the one that your link links to.
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    I chose the heritage brown. The URL I linked to in the first post was just the landing page for the whole store. They have discrete pages for three or four of the watch bands that vary slightly.
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