trip to fix a display issue ends up taking 2 weeks and more issues.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by nickandre21, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. nickandre21 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 21, 2012
    So yeah just to give a brief history of my laptop one month after purchasing my top end 15" retina early 2013 it needed a display replacement few weeks later a key cap replacement.
    Fast forward to now the magsafe cable began to fray and two times i had to reinstall the osx as i got the flashing folder. A week since the last flashing folder my display just went blank but i could get a dispkay on an external monitor. So i gave it to my AASP(no apple stores in India)on a monday, two days after i left the macbook with them they called back to tell me the logic board is gone and will be ordered. When they recieved the board on saturday they called back to state the laptop is still having issues and further diagnosis can be carried out on monday at that point i contacted apple care to see what are my options they told me that in India they do not give replacements but at times an exception can be made. I was then transfered to a senior who handles my case now and I have been in contact with her. On monday she called to let me know that the flash storage is not loading up and they found some spots on my display, but they needed to carry out tests and then based on report call for the parts very well i asked her to get it fixed quick as i had lotd of projects pending to be completed asap. Monday evening the AASP calls to tell me they called for a new logic board i was puzzled and quized her so she promised to get back after talking to the guy working on my laptop. The next day i found out that the logic board they recieved to developed an issue or came as dead on arrival and they cannot call for the ssd or display till they get the new board to verify. So i called up my senior apple care tech and told her about the same and asked to push for a replacement. She promised she would try. This morning she got back to me saying she had a word with her team and they came to a conclusion that my case does not justify a replacement. I really do not know whats their consideration for a new replacement but as per all the discusions it seems that in this service visit about 4 parts will be changed i.e logic board, display, ssd, power adapter. Later in the evening the AASP called to update me they just placed and order for a new logic board and should be in within 3 days and if all is well then i can have it within 5 days or else more parts would need to be called. The ssd was not detecting on the first board evident by the flashing folder and would only boot till apple logo but not detect the ssd on the second board.
    My question is what do i do here? This is surely a surprise for me as apple always gets things fixed within a week. Bigger surprise is the replacement board to failed. From what i found out the delay since monday was due to their server being down and not able to AST.

    Any help on how do i get things solved quicker or to get a replacement would be helpful. I guess many would understand what it would be like without your laptop for 14 days.
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    Jul 3, 2013
    I am glad I do not live in India!

    I would keep trying to escalate this to see if they would make an exception and give you a new laptop! Sounds like yours was a lemon for the beginning
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    Jun 21, 2012
    Well I travel mostly out of India and that time If i have any mac issues i visit the genius bar. But now since im stuck on a project i have no other option. Well yea when i just got it apps would hang at random hardware test gave me an hdd error but the service guys here said no hardware issue and cannot replace, this was withing 14 days. The policy is only if theres an hardware issue will the authorised reseller replace other wise nope.

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