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    The last couple of months I've been working like mad on my final project for the Big Digital class. This class is all about printing big and a lot of the work this semester is outstanding. If anybody happens to be in Las Vegas next week check out the College of Southern Nevada. They are putting on Foto Fest with vendors, demos, workshops and lectures.

    They also have lots (200+) of work from the students and faculty on display at Emergency Arts. The show will be up from This weekend - Second Saturday - through Second Saturday in May. Lots of fantastic work is on display.

    Anyway, back to this post. ;) For my class we have to create 16 images for our final project. I have been taking distorted night panoramas. By using an ultra-wide 14 mm lens, tilted tripod and different projections I have been getting some interesting results. All of the images also use a constant tungsten light source and white balance.

    A few weeks ago during WPPI I won a photo album from Nations Photo. The pages are in multiples of 15 so I decided to use it print my project. The following are the results. The book is 12 x 12 inches so the layouts will be 12 x 24.

    Let me know what you think.


    All of the images are polyptychs that consist of two, three or four panels. The large panels are designed to be 24 x 36 and the smaller panels are 24 x 16 inches. The "Trip" comes in with the distorted perspectives.

    Page 1.jpg

    Page 2.jpg

    Page 3.jpg

    Page 4.jpg

    Page 5.jpg

    Page 6.jpg

    Page 7.jpg

    Page 8.jpg

    Page 9.jpg
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    Very cool Laird. #4 and #10 are my favorites.
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    Fantastic captures and really imaginative. Mind you, I can say that about virtually every posting of yours that I've seen.

    I think the dividing points you've chosen are well-chosen.
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    Some superb shots, crafted with a wonderfully strange atmosphere - the kind of thing one might find on a book cover of tales set in another dimension. Very original, slightly unsettling and impressively creative in composition.

    Thanks for sharing @Laird Knox.
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    I'm a bit late to responding to my own post. :) Last week was a bit of an insane ride. Besides my normal work/gallery/school schedule the College of Southern Nevada put on Foto Fest 2016 - a week long celebration of photography. For a first go they did an amazing job. The event was polished and the schedule was full and included some amazing guest speakers.

    On Tuesday my book arrived. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I can't wait to print and frame some of the bigger pieces. On Wednesday my portfolio based off the book took first place in a scholarship competition. On Friday I won the product/still life category in a contest put on by Sigma Lenses. As if that wasn't enough of a week on Saturday I got commissioned to hang the still life in a gallery next month and booked a gallery showing of the Trip-Tych project in September.

    All I can say is whoa! I'm still reeling!

    I really appreciate everybody's comments and have been a bit remiss on getting back here.

    Thank you! This is quickly turning into one of my favorite projects.

    This is a school assignment that started with "Whatever am I going to shoot?" My original concept wasn't working and this grew out of wondering what would happen if I tilted the tripod head and used a really wide lens.

    So you like the small world projection. On Trip #10 I was really taken aback by that projection. While fiddling with the where the projection was centered I noticed the expansive star field form to the right. For that one I like that the second panel is simply stars but on a closer look there is movement in them. I captured a satellite as well.

    Thank you!

    From my time at CSN and with posting here I can see where my images have improved over the last couple of years. I love that people are so willing to critique photos and help each other out on these forums.

    In a couple of them it was a challenge to get the cuts to line up right. A minor change in cropping could have a major impact since every image is a 2:3 crop out of the whole. The overall images come in at ratios like 13:6 and 17:6. I had some initial head scratching and math problems to work out when I started. ;)

    Thanks for looking!

    I really enjoyed how the cement plant took on some other-worldly perspectives. On every single one of them I didn't know what I was going to get until I sat down at the computer. In a way it was like shooting film. I had to wait to see what developed. :D
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    I normally don't like that kind of over exaggerated distortion but for these images/subjects and the night time shots I think they work well and make the subjects more interesting. I think it's the night sky that makes it work for me where I probably wouldn't be interested in the same image taken on a cloudless day. If you didn't already know and use it, I learned that the "500 rule" helps to get sharper stars (if that's what you want). Divide 500 by your focal length and that gives you a starting point for the exposure in seconds you can use without getting movement in the stars (assuming you are on a timer, tripod, mirror up, and all that...). If they are a little blurry reduce the exposure a second or two, if they are not bright enough increase by a second or two. It works pretty well as a rule of thumb.

    Great work by the way and keep at it!

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