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Discussion in 'iMac' started by carlosbutler, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    I have just started University, and am doing Comp Science and AI. MY university has got loads of 'labs' with bran new iMacs running a triple boot. so OS X, Windows XP (thankfully not vista), and Fedora Linux. I was planning on doing them same on my iMac as (first mac, they are just amazing and love it (not literally)).

    So far i have dual boot, OSX and windows XP for games. But would also like to install a linux distro. but the downfall here is that i only got 500GB hard drive. Only have 70gb left in windows partition and 150gb left in the osx parition. When i install linux, i dont think i will need more than 40gb for everything. but would still prefer to install it on a firewire hard drive, to be more specific a WD MyBook Studio (the mac one) 1TB with FW800. so its not going to be that slow at loading. but is it possible to do this through boot camp?

    also i have not really used linux much, but do prefer uBuntu. is fedora and ubuntu able to do the same or what? dont really understand the small differences. also can the imac handle 64bit linux?

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    Unless you truly need full-speed Linux (i.e., you need to boot into it), would you consider VirtualBox? It's free from Sun and, I'd think, would do a fairly decent job of running a Linux distro - and I'd imagine you could keep the disk image on an external drive.

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