Triple booting new MBP, possibly with SSD


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Oct 21, 2012
Anyone successfully running Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 off the same hard drive as OSX? I'm thinking of switching to Mac, but want to check I can still use my other OS's if I need to.

The Macbook Pro I'll probably order is the 13" 2.9GHz, without the Retina screen (assuming one is released) cause I'll use it with an external monitor at home. I'd like an SSD drive, but since it costs £720 extra and I can buy the same Crucial drive separately for £300, was seriously thinking of ordering with a basic SATA drive and doing that upgrade myself.

Any thoughts?


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Oct 21, 2009

yes do the upgrade yourself. Not sure about running ubuntu because to "triple boot" would mean you would need to have the drivers to run ubuntu on a mac which I am not sure exist? You can run it in parallels though.


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Dec 18, 2010
You can partition, install, and boot as many OS's as you want, but the previous poster was right, Parallels is a better fit for some of the OS's, like any Linux builds. You won't have to have multiple partitions that are taking up space but not being used, you can install/uninstall any OS easily, etc. and still be able to use the Mac at the same time you're using the other OS without booting into just one OS at a time. VMware Fusion can do all of that as well if you prefer their software instead. Personally I'm a Parallels fan.


Thanks, Parallels does look very simple to setup. Don't you get a lot of lag though, compared with running another OS natively?
I have no lag at all on my 2011 Mac Mini with a 128 GB SSD running Windows 7 inside Mountain Lion. It works exactly as Parallels advertises, perfectly. I highly recommend Parallels. Walt Mossberg said in his recent review of VMware Fusion that the newest version of that has also greatly improved, but he prefers Parallels as well.

The rMBP is faster than the 2011 Mini, so you wouldn't have any problems.

If you do buy either, check out Amazon or shop around, you can get a pretty good deal if you look around.

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