triplebooting lion, wind 2003, and win 7 help..

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    Hi all,

    Ive got a bit of a problem here. I am trying to triple boot lion, windows 7 x64, and windows 2003 sp2 (yes windows 2003, not xp) anyways heres the issue. I have lion currently installed, and windows 2003 successfully installed. Next would be windows 7. Now I know that windows 7 x64, can boot from a GPT. 2003 cannot. Disk Utility formats the first four partitions of the drive (since MBR has a max of 4 partitions) as a MBR/GPT hybrid.

    OS X Lion, has a recovery partition, as the second one on the drive. Here is my setup in order: (500gb total)

    200mb - EFI boot

    324gb - Lion

    650mb - Recovery

    45gb - Windows 2003

    129gb - windows 7

    Now obviously the first 4 partitions are the EFI boot, my lion installation, recovery, and win 2003. That makes windows 7 the 5th and therefore not on the MBR.

    The bios that this mac emulates, must not have access to the GPT, because windows 7 should boot from it (I have a PC using UEFI and windows 7 so thats confirmed)

    So the big question, I do not need a recovery partition for lion, Ive got 50 other computers if anything goes wrong I will just reinstall it, so Its a waste to me. And its using up my MBR.. So how can I delete it, and install lion so that it does not create another one? I can see all of the partitions in DU (I enabled it to show all partitions) but there is no way that I can see to delete it. I've read about using snow leopard to do it, but I want to reinstall lion, which would just re-create the recovery that is moot. This is a MacBook Pro, so installing a second hard disk is pointless to me as I really need my optical drive.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    Project Alice

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    Okay I was able to delete the Recovery partition, now I have a new problem.

    I have all three OS's installed. Lion, then 2003 (basically XP) and 7. Now 2003 worked perfectly before I installed 7. after 7 was installed, 2003 no longer boots. Both of them show up in the boot loader, but right before 2003 goes to the windows boot screen (windows logo with loading bar) the computer shuts off, and reboots just like that. It just continues doing this. But both lion and 7 are working fine. I've never seen this before. Same thing happens if I try to use safe mode.

    Edit: I just decided to reinstall windows 2003 to see if it would work. Well, it gets to the first reboot of the installation, and then does the same thing. I can't even finish installing it because it just reboots. Now I'm getting impatient with this thing...

    I'm posted two videos on youtube to show you exactly whats going on. One of them is me trying to boot into safe mode, the other is trying to boot normally, and "disable automatic restart on failure" (which it still restarts anyways)

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