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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Westside guy, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Hi folks,

    Some time ago I'd asked for peoples' feedback regarding tripods. I'd like to thank everyone, again, for all the help. I've finally pulled the trigger and made my purchase, and I thought I'd post what I ended up with. My goal was to get a good quality tripod yet not spend more money than necessary (some people are about to laugh hard at that). So, here's what I ended up ordering, to the tune of just under $800...

    Bogen/Manfrotto CXPro4 carbon fiber tripod ($325). I was willing to make some small compromises with the legs; but decided I definitely wanted carbon fiber.

    Acratech Ultimate Ballhead plus leveling quick release clamp ($310). Fortunately their lowest-priced head was the one I liked the most. This head will hold more than the Manfrotto legs - more than I'm likely to ever need too. :)

    Kirk L-Bracket for D700 ($130). The Really Right Stuff bracket allows tethered shooting in a vertical position; but that didn't particularly matter to me. The Kirk bracket is 3 oz. lighter than the RRS bracket, which matters because I'll probably leave it on the camera.
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    I have the aluminum version of this tripod and am generally happy. However, the locking leg clamps are a bitch to clean after a long day. Dirt, sand and gunk can easily lock up these clamps and make them nearly impossible to close. The telescoping legs are not sealed in any way meaning particles can (and will) get inside the leg resulting in rough travel over time.

    I'd suggest getting a toothbrush to keep the moving elements clean. I'm considering moving to a tripod with twist lock legs in the near future (Gitzo).

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