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    I read someplace recently that while there are no virus that can affect a Mac, there are trojans.

    Most of my downloads are from iTunes or the odd wallpaper/screensaver on as movie site. But I was just about to download a font from a website that looked respectable.

    How is a person to know what is safe to download?

    Help me kill the sudden paranoia.

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    If it's from a reputable site it's probably fine. If something asks you for your password when you weren't expecting it to, don't install it.
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    There are some free trojan/antivirus scanners for Mac. Most people use it only to help prevent forwarding a virus to their more susceptible Windows-using friends.

    If the font (or any other package) you downloaded forces you to enter your admin password when opening, I'd be a little wary, and run it through a trojan scanner before giving it a password. The few trojans that work on OS X do so only because the user gives it permission. Without that permission, no installation routine, script, or application will run. (That's why OS X is more virus-resistant than Windows.)
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    Jan 21, 2009
    I had a demo for a program last week that asked for me to enter the password :(

    it was called DVD Snap 2.1.1 and I got it here -

    I deleted the program after using it.

    Could this have done something?
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    Not likely... looks reputable to me
    There aren't that many trojans floating around out there either

    Just because it asks for a password doesn't mean it is malicious
    Some installations for legitimate software will require the admin password

    Just pay attention where you are getting your downloads and what they are

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    Jul 7, 2009
    I make all efforts to only download from the vendors website. Typically someone who is trying to make money from selling a product isn't about to embed a trojan in it; this is done by 3rd parties trying to get something out of you. Example is the iWorks trojan; someone took iWorks, added a trojan, and then put it up for people to download / share.

    Thus downloading from vendors or even Apple themselves is a good idea.

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