Trouble Capturing Video Final cut pro 4.5/ Panther

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by scantv19, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Feb 27, 2010
    Locust, NC
    I'm new to forums and I need help. I know I can buy a new computer and up grade software to final cut suite 3 but thats about a $3300 up grade for me and can't afford it. Here's the problem.
    I am having trouble capturing video using capture now in final cut 4.5. It's all choppy. like its just skipping across the video and only getting pieces of video and audio. I have re installed final cut and changed the RAM. that didn't help any.
    Any suggestions other than upgrading my computer to the imac 27" quad core and get suite 3 final cut 7.0.

    I am using the same computer and camera that has worked fine for at least 3 years. imac G5 1.8ghz 2G RAM 160 internal hard drive with 2 external drives- 250g and 500g.
    I have tried capturing both from a DVD spliter with firewire and from my 3ccd camcorder with firewire. Capture is going to the external lacie hard drive. Im not doing anything different than what I have normallly done in the past 5 years. Never had this problem until recently. It first started out choppy every 4-5 minutes into capturing and now it won't capturing anything right. Final cut 4.5 only works well with Panther so I have not updated anything since we reloaded the panther system 2 years ago when the updates were causing problems. Don't know what you mean with capture settings and sequence settings. Everything was set for me years ago and I haven't changed anything since. The logic board and DVD-rom were changed 11 months ago when I was having problems with the DVD burning DVDs
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    you have given almost no information that would let somebody actually answer your question....

    what kind of mac do you have (model, cpu speed, RAM, etc)?
    what hard drive are you capturing to?
    what kind of video are you capturing?
    what are your capture settings?
    what are your sequence settings?

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