Trouble Installing Creative Suite


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Feb 2, 2005

I'm attempting to install the Creative Suite but after it attempts to install photoshop it gives me an error message saying something like "an unexpected error has occured while installing icon ." 1008:17-4" and the installer simply halts after that. What could this be. I'm installing this on a brand new mac mini. I'm new to macs and am a switcher so I don't know what this error message could mean. Please help. :( Thank you.


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Dec 7, 2003
1008:17-4 on the mac mini

Try reading this and see if it's any help to you:

Adobe does not list that specific error code, as far as I could find. When you find a solution please post back here as other people will face this bleeding edge problem you've encountered.

Good luck!


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Jan 14, 2003
San Jose, CA
I have experienced very similar problems and apparently others have.......

I did get the install to's been awhile, but I think my success came when I did a custom install. Try selecting all the components, or you may need to try a few at a time, doing more than one install. If installs do fail, make sure you uninstall with the Adobe disk first, before reinstalling. Otherwise, try Adobe's suggestions. Good luck


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Jan 23, 2005
just be happy you were able to get the Creative Suite...

I'm still stuck on 5 LE!! :p
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