trouble transf. old mac to mac mini


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Apr 27, 2005
IM having trouble doing the convert where you can convert all your files from old mac in my case (g4 500 mhz) to mini... I have tiger installed and i connected the firewire held down T and restarted old machine and it says still cant connect anyone help me out if they would like to email me at


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Apr 17, 2004
Use Migration Assistant. It'll have you go through to where it says, please restart your old mac holding down, blah blah blah, and then it'll let you continue. - Sorry I can't see what it says, too lazy to start the program, but I've used it before.


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First of all, what do you mean by it won't connect.

Do you mean you are running Migration Assistant, you have connected the two machines by a Firewire cable, you have rebooted the old machine while holding down T until you have the firewire symbol floating on the screen, and Migration Assistant says it can't find the other machine?

Is your old machine on OS 9 or X?

If you are not using the Migration Assistant and you do all of the above, try restarting the new machine. The old machine should appear on the desktop of the new machine as a drive icon. You can then manually drag the contents of the old machine's drive to the new machine. I suggest putting it all in a folder on the new machine called "From G4" or something, and then once it is copied, sorting out where everything should go on the new machine.

If you mean you have tried all of the above, the Firewire symbol is on the screen of the old machine, and the old machine is not appearing on the new machine as a drive icon, then there is something wrong with your Firewire connection between the two machines.

If you cannot get the old machine into Firewire Target mode at all, you can also try establishing a network connection over Firewire and turn on Appletalk and File Sharing so you can transfer data via the "network".