Trouble with Bootcamp + Windows XP

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    Here is the problem that is bugging me lately. When I my Unibody 2.4Ghz Macbook, I told the guys at the computer center to help me install Windows XP. I forgot to tell them that I wanted Windows XP in English and of course they installed it in Chinese. So recently, my friend did me a favor and helped me install Windows XP SP2 on my Macbook in English. Here are a few problems that are bugging me.

    1. How come every time, when I boot in Windows XP and I decide to switch back into OSX from the control panel Boot Camp and I click on "Machintosh OSX" folder then hit restart. The computer restarts but it doesn't boot up OSX it goes back into Windows XP. I've read the installation guide saying that's how you set the default operating system, and I've set it to OSX in on my Mac partition. This is getting frustrating, because before my friend re-installed it for it, every thing worked according to plan. What can I do?

    2. Every time when I reboot back in OSX from XP, it changes the date and time and also disconnects me from the "saved" network that I always have at home. It is getting tedious, because every time I reboot from XP to OSX I ALWAYS have to manually set up the Wi-Fi time! I've read the installation guide but I do not know what is wrong?!

    Should I re-install the Boot Camp drivers?!?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    1. You should be able to hold the option key when you boot and select your OS

    2. One fix for the time issue is found here. It is a difference in the way OSX and Windows references time and has been a known issue from the beginning.

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