Trouble with Cabos, iTunes, duplicate songs and deleted songs.

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    Wow, ok where do I start? I guess from the beginning. I thought my black MacBook was running a little slow so I checked up on the Activity Monitor. After about an hours use it can easily use up a bit over 1GB of RAM. I have no idea whether or not this is normal but I assumed (and still dont know) that it was too much.

    Here is a pic with the Activity Monitor and iStat Pro in the same frame

    I thought to myself "it must be all that music I'm downloading" I went to the Downloads Folder and erased a useless song, still played in iTunes. Another, and again it plays. Then I go through and delete ALL of them. I check a few and it looks good. With cleaning on my mind I go through and delete more .mp3's and mp4's(directly from Finder, not the downloads folder) I check iTunes. Some where along the lines I messed up.

    Out of the maybe, 200 songs I delete, around 75 are gone forever except their little song name and artist name in iTunes. So now I have to go get them back right?

    Now I start fiddling with cabos so I can try and not create ANY duplicates. I make a Cabos folder and tell Cabos to move songs there. Doesnt work. I do some test songs and deletions. The last song I deleted in my finder but it still worked in iTunes (thats not what happened last time) additionally, the test songs were under Music>iTunes>iTunes>Artist>Album>Song (but I thought thats what get rid of it completely?)

    I guess to sum it up I have a few questions.

    -Do all these extra files (mostly .mp3s) that take up memory slow down my computer?

    -Why do some songs that I delete in Finder are playable in iTunes while others are gone forever?

    -How can I get Cabos to move songs directly to iTunes (again i mean, I messed it up and dont remember) only this time make SURE it doesnt have copies laying around?

    Any other help relating to my mess that I made today would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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