Trouble with Gmail attachments


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Oct 15, 2004
Brooklyn NY
I'm trying to send a few mp3s using gmail. From what I've heard, gmail has a 2 gig storage capacity and is good for sending large files. Unfortunately I cant seem to get it to send any of these mp3s. The entire size of the message is hardly bigger than 20mb and the individual files all less than 5mb. I've tried with both and the browser interface. In, the message just sits in the outbox and in the browser the page stays forever trying to send. I dont understand why I'm having such trouble, as i've heard of people sending disk images and such across google mail. Any help is appreciated



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Nov 22, 2004
San Bruno, CA
if im not mistaken i think gmail has a limit on how much you can send at one time. check gmail's faqs

though i think this is new caue ive had friends send me the widows xp disk image just for fun