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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Virgil-TB2, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Aug 3, 2007
    I don't remember this happening with Tiger, but it may have. It certainly is driving me crazy in Leopard.

    I have my "region" set to the region I live in (Canada) and the "language" set to the language I speak and write (English UK). Safari's spell checker however, is either using the US English variant, or the Canadian one. Whenever I use a web form like this one or make a post on a blog, all the language that doesn't conform to the American/Canadian variants is underlined as "bad spelling."

    This is pretty rude if you ask me.

    It's insulting enough that Apple copies Microsoft's position of late by insisting on labeling "English" as "English (UK)" and "US English" as "English" when in fact it's the other way around. For those not "in the know," England actually standardised the English language *previous* to the existence of the USA. :rolleyes:

    This situation doesn't make any kind sense at all.

    If the language is being automatically flipped to Canadian by setting my region to Canadian, then what's the point of having a separate "language" setting at all? Even if the region setting is only over-riding the language setting in the browser, it still makes no sense. If my region was France and my language was English UK, would the spell checker in the browser then check for French words and not English? How would that behaviour be helpful (or even acceptable)?

    Seems to me this is yet *another* example of US software manufacturers thinking that they don't "really" have to create other English localisations and spell-checkers other then the "US English" one. They think they can just paste a few "alternate" spellings in the discretionary and kludge it.

    English is English goddam it! We (the English) invented it first and "American" is the variant. I realise that USA citizens don't see it that way, but there is no reason at all to throw it in the faces of every English person just out of sheer lazyness. Why should an Farsi Mac user or an Japanese Mac user get everything displayed in their language of choice but an English Mac user has to be insulted with every click of the mouse?

    Probably I am just cranky this morning but I find this insulting and stupid. :mad:

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