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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by NorthmanEdge, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    "I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of drives and products from OWC, but the last purchase has changed my opinion. I purchased an external HD, a 1 TB internal and a USB enclosure for the old HD (from 17" Macbook pro) so it could be repurposed as a portable external drive. I talked with the sales person to be sure the new drive would fit and the old drive would fit in the enclosure. He told me the enclosure would fit all 2.5" drives. I installed the new drive, and noticed it was thinner than the existing drive. When I tried to put the old drive in the new external enclosure- it wouldn't fit, the drive was too thick. I called for an RMA, but was called out of state before I received it. By the time I returned the RMA had expired. A call to OWC revealed they don't make an enclosure to fit my drive, and they wouldn't refund my money even though it was their mistake. I run an ad agency, and I always advise my clients that it's bad business strategy to save a few bucks but lose a loyal customer. OWC has done just that."
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    What enclosure did you get and what old and new HDD models do you have?

    And what about selling that enclosure, as it probably only accepts 2.5" HDDs with a maximum height of 9.5 mm and your old drive is 12.5 mm high.
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    I'm sure there will always be negative stories about different companies. Heck, there are even horror stories about Apple, who are supposedly a leader in terms of customer service.

    As you have said, you have spent many thousands of dollars on OWC merchandise and they have never failed you up until now. Sure, your story sounds bad, horrible even. They should at least allow you to get a store credit. But like you point out yourself, it is an exception amongst thousands of other satisfied purchases.
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    I had a similar problem with owc after spending a lot of money on products only to find one did not have all the features listed on the product website. I found the customer service rep to be curt and almost obnoxious and offered zero options for returns or credit despite the admission that the item did not in fact have the feature I specifically wanted even though it was listed on their site.

    OWC will not get my business further, there are way too many other options to deal with false advertising, curt reps and refusal to make the situation right.

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