trouble with podcasts (Rocketboom)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Virgil-TB2, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Aug 3, 2007
    I have been having immense troubles syncing podcasts since the last iPod firmware update. I am using a new 8Gig nano that has no problems so far with anything else and I bought it the day they came out so it's been in use for a while now.

    It could be coincidental, but shortly after the last update the thing refuses to sync my podcasts. iTunes updates the podcasts as normal, but when syncing, I get messages that it won't do it because "the podcast is not the correct format" (unlikely), and sometimes it just won't sync at all.

    I can usually trick it into syncing by playing around with the settings, but it often takes five or six tries or variations of "sync all," "sync all new," "sync all unplayed," etc. before it magically just works. Why won't it sync a new, un-played podcast that just arrived, when the setting says to explicitly do that, and I have explicitly clicked the button to sync the iPod? (several times) :confused:

    The only caveat here is that after scouring the web and only finding one podcast out there that's worth watching (Rocketboom), I can't tell for sure if it's the site or the iPod. If anyone here watches Rocketboom, I would appreciate knowledge of others experiencing this (or not) as a test of which it is.

    It certainly doesn't seem like it would be Rocketboom that's the problem as they are one of the longest running podcasts there is.

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