Resolved Trouble with TenFourFox (g3)


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Jun 26, 2010
when I run TenFourFox 8 it's icon bounces once then dissapears in mid air.

I've removed firefox 2 (and its files/folders in the library) but that hasn't helped.

I'm currently repairing disk permissions again and wanted to know if you guys have any suggestions. I'm on osx 10.3.9
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Dec 18, 2010
icab... the only mo-dern browser that still supports Panther, though the new version will be the last to do so. I have always found icab buggy, terrible and slow but some people must like it. If your mac can handle it, you can afford it and can find a copy of Tiger, moving up to 10.4 will open up a world of software to you.
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