Troubles w. USB drive connected at Time Capsule

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Ascalabrus, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Mar 1, 2009

    I've had troubles with external drive (Western Digital 1 TB disc, FAT format) connected at Time Capsule 1 TB via its USB port. It appears to be extremely slow. Besides, this solution seems to be quite unreliable.

    There are about 30.000 music tracks stored at the USB external drive, altogether about 160 GB. Also, the Music Library was created there. There reason was, I wanted to have control for the case if I tried to start iTunes without having my USB drive with music folder connected. In this case, a message "iTunes Library was not found" appears, which warn me of the fact that the drive hasn't been mounted.

    • The pain starts at the very beginning, when I'm mounting the USB drive. I have to go to Shared > Capsule, double click the USB drive and wait about 30 seconds before it mounts. From time to time, I'm even unable to mount the drive at all, and gotta restart the Capsule. I haven't found any other way how to mount the drive. Obviously, I could create a script in Automator or Script Editor. Still, mounting would be very slow.
    • Starting iTunes takes about 30 seconds, there's a message "Loading iTunes Library". Closing iTunes and the message "Saving iTunes Library" takes up to 2 minutes.
    • Data transfer, checked by the Activity Monitor > Network, is very, very poor, such as 3 MB/sec. Peak. Average, something like 70 kB/sec. is no excerption.
    • Surprisingly, there's no hassle with moving through the music library in iTunes, when it starts eventually. It's quite fast, also playing the music is okay.
    • Adding an album (100 MB of data) takes up to 5 minutes.
    • Editing a track (its name) and moving to the next track takes about 5 seconds.
    • The external drive works smooth when it's been connected directly to laptop USB port via cable, without Capsule. Importing the library took a day at the beginning, though.
    • From time to time, I have troubles with the Airport connection when the USB drive has been attached. Even doing some changes through Airport Utility causes that the Capsule freezes and I have to turn it off/on. There's no problem with Capsule when the USB drive is disconnected.
    • There's no difference whether I use "802.11n only (5 GHz)" or "802.11n (802.11 b/g compatible)" option.

    Without preconceiving: may be all those troubles caused by tha fact that the drive has been FAT formatted? I could get over the possibility to connect this drive to my PC computer if everything were fast enough.

    Thank you for your opinions and ideas.
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    Feb 9, 2008
    It's on the network, there will be latency.

    Also, Time Capsule is slow. (At least when I used it).

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