Troubleshooting an iDVD-created disc that won't play

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by nagromme, Oct 20, 2006.

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    May 2, 2002
    I've burned a DVD (just a single looping QT movie in iDVD) and it plays OK on all the test system I can find: 4 different Macs and one consumer DVD player.

    But my client cannot get it to play on ANY of the 4 consumer DVD players they have tried. (It does on their PC.) They get a general "disc damaged" type of message, or no message at all.

    Any thoughts on what I should try for troubleshooting?

    I'm using the very latest OS X and iDVD '06. I have tried burning to two different brands of media (one Maxell DVD-R, one DVD-RW from another brand), and I have tried burning from two different Macs with different superdrives in them. Furthermore, one of the discs was burned directly from iMovie, while the other was exported to a disc image and burned with Disk Utility.

    But the client can't get either copy to play on anything except their PC. And I can't get it to FAIL on anything.

    I'm guessing it's just bad luck, and EVERY player they try is too old to read homemade DVDs at all. Nothing I can do, then. But is there anything else I might investigate?

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    Sep 23, 2006
    dvd burning

    Been I did some school slideshows for my niece (on the PC the first time) and found that different home players seem to like different disks... mine will play anything I stick in it... a second one of mine would only play DVD+R's burned on the PC yet it would play DVD-R's that my buddy burned on his mac.... talking with him he found that certain brands of DVD's seemed better with burning on the mac and playing in older home DVD players, I almost always use +R's now to get around that... I'm not sure if newer apples than mine can do +R or not, mine is a 17" powerbook and only does -R... I heard somewhere that with toast even mine can do +R... not sure, but try a couple different brands of media (Including ones I think Apple sells)..

    good luck


    ohh should have mentioned she mailed out about 30 copies of the first -R I did and about half of the people called that it was a bad disk... the rest played fine.... odd

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