Troy, twelve oak. Michigan

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    Make that Somerset (Troy)...

    Your thread title contains 2 locations. The Twelve Oaks Apple Store is in Novi, Mi. The Somerset Apple Store is in Troy, Mi. Which did you mean? :confused:

    And the body of your post doesn't tell us anything we couldn't learn from the thread title. Yes, both of these are indeed in Michigan. :rolleyes: So I'll take over from here and say this thread is about Somerset in Troy, Mi...

    I've got two reserved for Somerset. :cool: One 16 gig and I later went back and reserved a 64 gig. I assume that reservation overrides my 16 gig reservation. So by reading this thread you know there is at least one extra iPad at Somerset on April 3rd depending on whether I decide to opt for the 16 or the 64 gig model.

    If I don't get cold feet (financially), I'll show up early in the morning to hopefully avoid longer lines later in the day. I don't think people are going to be in a frenzy over this thing but you never know. If I get there at 9 and the parking lot is full and there is a huge line, I'll probably get back in my car and come back another time.
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