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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by icapricorn, Sep 13, 2012.

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    I understand that iOS 6 will have a Do Not Disturb feature, which is not much different from simply shutting off the ringer on the phone. But some reports have used the term "call blocking." True call blocking would mean you could select a specific number and block that number only. And always. Will iOS 6 have such a feature? If so, will there be a max number of phone numbers you can block?
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    I don't know when they changed it, but that's exactly what DND mode does in the GM and did in at least beta 4. If you call a phone that is in DND mode, the caller will hear the "occupied line" sound (might go straight to voice mail depending on your carrier's settings), but the missed call will still appear on the iPhone once you wake up the phone. So technically, DND mode hangs up on the caller immediately. I'm almost certain that this wasn't the case in earlier betas, where the caller would be under the impression that your phone was ringing/vibrating regularly.

    Still, there is no explicit call blocking feature. You will see every missed call and you can only work with white lists, not with black lists. You could of course white list all your contacts and would not be disturbed by unknown/unwanted callers when in DND mode (which, however, only works if the phone is locked).
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    Thanks Calypso. But this is not true call blocking. The idea is to have all your calls ring through except the ones you blocked. Do Not Disturb stops all calls from ringing through.

    But you have answered my question. iOS 6 does not offer true call blocking. Too bad, that would have motivated me to upgrade my 3G.
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    Depends on what you want,

    if you want - Calls from your address book, favorite list, or (contact) groups, etc will go through.

    but there is no list of phone numbers that you can blacklist, cause that defeats the purpose of DND.
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    I do my call blocking at the carrier level. Just log into my sprint account and add the phone number to the block list.
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    I think the iPhone is the only phone that doesn't have call barring under SIM utilities. You should be able to do it manually using a *# code. I haven't got it to hand. Your operator should be able to help.
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    I'm sorry, but this one little feature would be all it takes to motivate you? Not the light years of other advancements over the course of four generations of product development? Not the retina screen? Not LTE? Not 802.11G/N? Not BlueTooth 4.0? Not the incredibly faster processor?
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    Correct, utwarreng. I don't need those advances. I would enjoy them, certainly. But they are irrelevant to why I have a cell phone. I use it for emergencies, for when I have to meet someone and we're both on the road, and so forth. I use it, in short, as a phone, not as a mobile computer. However, some of the extras on the newer iPhone, the better camera, the vocal GPS, are enticing. But they don't quite make the sale.
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    Apple's new slogan should be

    "The iPhone, its like holding every possible addiction in your hand."

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