True cost of first time ownership? Software, hardware, etc

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    Jul 1, 2009
    I'm *this* close to buying a 15" MBP as a first time Mac. I will likely use it as a dual boot machine w/ Win7 using Bootcamp, though that might change depending on how much I enjoy using OSX.

    My main hesitation right now is that I really don't know anything about owning a Mac, and so don't know what other hits my wallet might take after buying the MBP. What software is considered "must have" by Mac owners? What software isn't quite "must have", but are considered killer apps for the Mac that are not free?

    I realize that this largely depends on what I'll be using it for. I'm a developer, and will likely want to dabble in iphone/ipod touch development. I know you have to have an Apple Developer membership to actually publish an app, but are there other hurdles simply for development?

    I'll also be using it for photos (mostly management, not really editing beyond the standard red-eye reduction, contrast adjustments, etc), syncing my iPod touch. One thing I can't do w/ my Touch right now on windows is sync my contacts/calendar very easily - does that require specific software on the Mac? Do I have to use the Mac email software in order for good contact/Calendar synching? Or are there other options?

    One thing I like to do with my Windows machines is rip my DVD collection for watching them on the road. How hard is it in OSX to mount DVD images? How hard is it in MAC to rip images from optical media for fair use? (as in I own it)

    Aside from that, I do gmail for my email, and might use Google Docs for "office document" style work (how is iWork?)

    And is it possible to run a Windows installation both as a dual boot (via Bootcamp) but also using the same partition to drive a virtual environment, such as inside Parallels or VMware?

    Are there any hardware peripherals that are considered must-have for a great OSX experience? My home network is 802.11b running WEP encryption - should I anticipate any problems there (I know, I know, WEP is not great, but my Linksys router is old enough it doesn't support WPA).

    I guess what I'm asking is, what are the must have pieces of software/hardware and how much do they cost (if anything?). What do you install when you have a fresh OSX on your hands?

    EDIT: I should mention I have a lot of experience in Linux based environments, so rockin' command line tools and apps don't scare me at all. In fact, I miss great command line operations in Windows, and those one of the reason I like the idea of OSX
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    Which Apps?

    Umm...depends on what you do? Office or iWork is usually a requirement for most, but NeoOffice usually does the trick. Adium (Chat Client), Quicksilver (App Launcher), Growl (Notifications), UnRarX (Rar) are all free?
    This might help.


    Not my cup of tea, some other users, prbly in the Dev forum could answer your questions though...

    iPhoto - seems perfect for you :D

    Mail and Address Book just sorta work...I highly recommend them...

    Not hard at all...

    NeoOffice, like I said above. Not sure what you mean by how is iWork? Here is an interesting thread. I love Keynote, but still use Word and Excel over Pages and Numbers, but I absolutely would never go back to Powerpoint.

    To my recollection no, but I haven't looked into this in a while, so please correct me.

    Not really...There are people that have no accessories and then there are people like me.

    In reality, you could get away with buying nothingelse, except your Windows stuff. I highly would recommend Apple Care, you can buy that on eBay, but check here first.

    Welcome back, sorta...:D

    Edit: realy the larger answer to your question is, prbly none. Your Mac will have an email client, backup software, etc etc... I would doubt there is any software you would need immediately, play around with it and decide what you need.
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    There are plenty of free options. Check out or

    Rip dvd is easy. Just search for that.

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