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Nov 22, 2011
East Coast USA
I didn’t have it on my iPad and thought I would hate it on my iPhone X.

It’s on, it stayed on and looks way better with it on, it’s so white it’s almost blue with it off lol.

I vote on!
I really disliked it at first. But once I got used to it, it’s the non-True Tone screens that look “off” now.

I think it is a little easier on the eyes.

Pretty much me to a tee..


macrumors regular
Jun 8, 2015
True Tone is one of my favorite features in iOS devices. I’m guessing the people who don’t like it really haven’t given it a fair shot. After you get used to it, all other screens just look odd when they don’t adjust to ambient lighting.
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Jun 24, 2013
I feel like the yellow hue is too strong on OLED. LCD is a little bit more subtle. I will give it a few more days to get used to, but if not, there goes True Tone. The combo between night shift and True Tone is really intense.
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