Trunket American Rosewood Skins for the iPhone 4 (Review)

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    Trunket is a fairly new company that specializes in making and designing genuine wood iPhone 4 skins. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few different versions of the genuine American Rosewood skins to test out. The Trunket skins feature rosewood with different types of colors and lines. Both the front and the back of the iPhone 4 are covered and show off a very natural look that looks absolutely stunning with or without a bumper style case. That being said, are these wood skins really worth it? Can they stand up to some of the other wood skins available on the market today? Read on for the full review of the Trunket American Rosewood skins to find out.

    Let’s begin with the beautiful packaging that these come equipped in. The Trunket American Rosewood skins come in a very nice cardboard package that has the name Trunket centered in the middle that is very finely dabbed in ink. The packaging is held together by a small glob of glue and a very modern elephant sticker that is Trunket’s logo. Opening up the box you will find a backside skin, and two bottom and top screen skins. You will also come across an instructional pamphlet and a very nice alcohol swab that is used to clean the screen before installation.

    Installation was one of the easiest when it came to iPhone 4 skins. Surprisingly, I found that you do not have to get these perfectly placed right from the get go. You can gently glide these into place by using your finger. Here’s how I went by installing these. I laid it down, shifted the skin into place, and then gently pressed down with my palm until the skins were full adhered to both the frontside and the backside of the iPhone 4. If you are someone that generally has a hectic time installing screen shields and skins, these may be a little bit easier for you. Also, these skins are fully reusable, all you do is stick them back onto the original wax paper that they came in.

    Going over the front portions of the skin, I found that almost everything was perfectly cutout. The home button, front facing camera, speaker grill, and the proximity sensor all lined up perfectly. I did find their to be one small issue though. Since the skins are a little bit thicker than what I was expecting (they do add quite a bit of bulk to the phone actually), the home button is quite recessed and may be a bit troublesome for some people. That being said, I didn’t have too much of a problem accessing my home button even though I do have quite tiny hands. Also, there is a keyhole shaped cutout which surprisingly has not presented any flash issues so far. I say surprising mainly because of the fact that most keyhole shaped cutouts for the camera and the flash aren’t very generous.

    At a first glance, these things look absolutely gorgeous when on the iPhone 4. Even though the back and the front of the iPhone 4 was already sexy to begin with, these add a whole other layer to the phone. I was constantly getting comments from my friends on how cool these things looked. I am a huge fan of wood, and these really brought out the woodworker in me. Also, these cases are compatible with any bumper style case, take for example the Draco IV or the Apex Armor. Another great thing about the Trunket is that they are not very sharp and feel very comfortable when held in the hand. As far as durability goes, the rosewood has held up quite nicely and has not presented any warped or cracked wood after a few weeks of use.

    Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of these at first glance, I slowly fell in love and found that they made my iPhone look very unique like no one else. If there was even one negative that I had to point out about these, it would be that they can be quite bulky. Although, I really don’t care, as everything else overpowers that one small error. I think I have may have finally found the perfect skins for the iPhone 4.

    I don’t usually give out perfect ratings unless I am absolutely in love with the product and it has very few to no issues. I think that the Trunket American Rosewood skins for the iPhone 4 may be some of the best skins that I have ever l set my eyes on. The craftsmanship, beauty, and precision are all fantastic, and for an asking price of only $34, you cannot go wrong. I can give these my full recommendation, go pick these up. Now, all I need is a few iPad skins, and I will be set for life.

    Rating: 5/5




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    Nice Review! Looks good :)

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