Try Finding the iPhone on the AT&T Wireless Website...Good Luck!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacPerforma, May 1, 2010.

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    As someone who isn't currently an AT&T Wireless customer (although I'm planning on making the switch in June or July when the new iPhone is released), I haven't spent much time on the AT&T Wireless website. However, I was browsing their website this evening out of curiosity and was utterly shocked at how deep into their website one has to navigate to find any mention of the iPhone. There are no photos or links on their main page, and even when you navigate to the Shop > Cell Phone & Devices page, there still aren't any prominent links, photos, or mentions of the iPhone. One has to navigate to the PDAs/Smartphone category to find the iPhone, or click on the teeny tiny Apple manufacturer link further down on the page.

    Really?! You'd think that being the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US, AT&T might display the iPhone a little more prominently. If not on their wireless homepage, then at least on the main hardware page. Granted, I'm sure the new iPhone will be a little more prominently displayed when it's released, but nonetheless I'm really surprised at the lack of presence of the iPhone on AT&T's wireless website pages. Considering the iPhone has been the major boon to an otherwise mediocre wireless carrier, you'd think they might draw a little more attention to the iPhone on their website. Do the marketing people at AT&T just not care?

    Of course, the AT&T Wireless website, IMHO, really has the feel of a cookie-cutter, utilitarian corporate website. And on retail websites like these, it's not uncommon to find everything kind of jumbled together, without any real attention-drawing content or web design to highlight popular products. But as I mentioned previously, given AT&T's exclusive carrier status for the iPhone in the US, you'd think they could and would want to do a little better...
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    I got to the iphone with just 3 clicks of the mouse.
    AT&T doesnt only sell wireless service and iphones but tons of other services and devices.
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    well IMO, they dont need to advertise it

    im pretty sure a good chuck of adults and teens know if they want an iPhone, its on AT&T

    with advertisements by Apple already and everyone and their mom owning an iPhone, people will know where to look when buying an iPhone

    Its already easy for AT&T to sell an iPhone, I would think they rather work a lot harder to try to sell quick messaging phones for people who refuse to buy a data plan
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    Erm, its on the main page.... (for me at least)
    EDIT: The animations roll to this too.

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