Trying EVO 4G - why Ill be getting the iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bbplayer5, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2007
    Been testing this out since release, and I must say its a nice phone. However, its just not an iPhone. Android has a long way to go until it reaches the ease of iOS 4 and a long way to go if it wants to dominate the market OS wise. Having to wait MONTHS after froyo is released just to get a taste of it, leaves you in a hardware struggle. Basically if there is a new OS out and it has things you desperately want, you are better off buying a new phone! Software fragmentation is horrible...

    Sprint was surprisingly NOT an issue for me. I was under the assumption they had horrible service.. WOW was I wrong! Their 3G network is MUCH faster than Verizon for me, and also AT&T (been on all of the networks). Their plans are just amazing compared to big red and AT&T also... (currently coming from the Droid).

    Apps just arent polished on the android market. Apps like Beejive, etc... just dont exist. There is a place for background apps, and IM isnt it. AIM on the android phone sucks the battery far too fast. Push is where its at!

    That being said... the new iPhone sells itself. Better battery (sure I could buy another battery but then I have to remember to charge both of them), breathtaking screen, 5mp camera that outperforms the 8mp, easier to carry, etc etc...I also found the video recording to be slightly grainy... Maybe it was just me.

    Damn you Apple... you got me again.

    One question: Can you sign a 1 year agreement instead of 2?

    Thanks :)
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    Nope 2 year only on iPhones as far as I know.
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    Same with the iPhone. A new OS comes out and earlier models don't get all the features... assuming the OS version is allowed on them at all.

    Agreed. In the right locations, Sprint can definitely be a great choice.

    It'd be helpful if people would give exact examples. For me, the eBay, NYTimes, USAToday, Netflix, Layar, and other apps look just the same or better.

    Or buy a bigger capacity battery and keep the original as an emergency backup.
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    Feb 16, 2010
    Not completely True. The new iOS4 will work just fine on 3GS and iPhone 4, it works on 3G but doesnt use multitasking.

    One of the reasons the battery sucks is it has such a big screen. The screen being on is one of the biggest battery drainers. If ur using AIM, the screen is at its brightest and it drains the battery. But u would think that, with a bigger phone, we could get a bigger battery. -_-

    I will be getting the iPhone 4 as well, its just the better phone for me.:D

    Not looking forward to the bill, though.
  5. supercaliber macrumors regular

    Aug 9, 2007
    Does AT&T offer discounts on plans if you do not buy a subsidized phone?

    Say i bought the iPhone and paid the no-contract price, do I still have to pay the regular plan price with AT&T?
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    Mar 3, 2008
    1) Nope.
    2) Yep.

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