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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by SteelWheel, May 20, 2008.

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    Apr 16, 2008
    As I slowly get acquainted with my new MBP, I've also been trying to bring with me a few apps that I would like to run under my Parallels VM. I brought the machine over to my brother today--he's the anti-Apple/MS fanboy in the family, but I figured he'd be good for just installing stuff on the Windows XP side--after all, a Parallels VM with access to the outside world is potential prey for all the nasty stuff, same as any other Windows machine, right?

    Anyway, we had no problem installing Office 2007 from an install CD (I'll install Office for Mac right after they go back to supporting VBA--what idiot decided to drop VBA for Office 2008 for Mac, anyway?), applying various Windows updates, etc. We skipped updating the system to XP SP3, since the chatter on the forums indicated that was still a dodgy proposition for now. Btw, surprise, surprise, he actually was somewhat impressed with the speed of the machine, and the "cool" factor involved in running two OSes simultaneously--easier to deal with than I feared he might be. :)

    The one thing that was a bit of a stumper was use of the Slysoft suite programs. These are the apps that let you make archival copies of DVDs, CDs, etc. The Slysoft apps just didn't "play well" with the SuperDrive. This may or may not be a Parallels/virtualization problem; my experience with these apps on actual physical Windows machines is that certain models of DVD burners don't work well these programs (off the top of my head, the Matsushita internal burners that come with many of the bargain basement machines you see at the big box stores are primary offenders in this regard).

    I have not yet tried using an external, known-to-work, DVD burner, plugging it into a USB port that Parallels has been granted access to, and seeing what kind of results I get. That's tomorrow's or the next day's project--I'm up to my butt in so many different things right now.

    Anyway, I understand that this is kind of a "niche" need within a "niche" bunch of users (virtualizers). But if anyone has been experimenting along similar lines, I'd appreciate hearing about it. If worst comes to worst, I can always keep a Windows machine around just for use of this program and/or try to learn my way around HandBrake and Mac the Ripper, although I was hoping to avoid that--the Slysoft is just so dead-easy to use, that I'd like to continue to do so, if possible.

    Thanks all.

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